This is one of the specialty techniques that you won’t find in many offices. The Leander Technique is a variation of the COX Flexion-Distraction Technique which utilizes mechanical advantages of patient positioning and specific doctor contact points to reduce bulging disks. The image shows typical patient positioning on the Leander table. The table moves from the waist down in an up and down motion producing a pivot point at the desired spinal level. The doctor then utilizes this added motion to perform specific muscle stretches and motion assisted adjustments which actually take less force than a typical adjustment, allowing for a very light touch. One of the biggest reasons doctors and patients love this technique is because it was designed around the patient who has disk herniations or bulges causing sciatica-like symptoms such as radiating lightning-like pain down the legs, numbness in the feet, throbbing sensations, etc.

The science behind the Leander technique is derived from the idea that if you control where the pivot point is, you can be very specific with where most motion will occur (the mechanical advantage). This is beneficial for the doctor because by positioning the patient on the table in just the right spot, they can then localize the area causing the problems and, with expert hand placement and pressure, actually cause a slight vacuum effect between the bones which will help suck that disk material back to where it belongs. This will then relieve the pressure on the nerves and reduce the symptoms that the patient was feeling.

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